Wood polishing is a simple and effective way to lease a new life to a wooden furniture piece. Wooden furniture pieces are elegant and are a timeless collection. Hence, reviving them can help you retain their glory in its original form. With regular use, wood tends to lose its glow and shine over the years. With the help of different polishing methods, carpenters can effectively retain the lost glory of the wooden furniture pieces. 

Among the different types of polishing, french polishing in Edinburgh is an effective method. However, other methods are practical as well. To know more about the available techniques, read on. 

Four Types of Wooden Furniture Polishing Methods 

  • Lacquer Polishing

If you want your wooden furniture to become shiny again, lacquer polishing is no better option. They bring a luxurious and rich look to the once-damaged, old, worn-out piece of wooden furniture. 

The process is simple: the lacquer is sprayed over the wood. However, using the method with children nearby is not a good idea as it might emit fumes.

  • French Polishing

In this process, thin layers of French polish are applied to the wooden furniture. This polish is made of shellac and is used in layers on wooden furniture. During the process, the wood is darkened to create an aged effect. This is an ideal process for antique wooden furniture restoration. Moreover, this environmentally friendly option adds value to the furniture.

  • Shellac Polishing

This process is a viable solution if you need wood polishing of different colours. Shellac polishing is available in different colours. Moreover, it is a highly durable option and provides a hard finish to the product. 

This is a great option if you need to remove a stain from the wooden piece quickly. You can easily use the same as a stain remover and a sealer.

  • Oil-based Polishing

Oil-based wood polishes are the most natural form, giving a yellowish tinge to the furniture piece. It will undoubtedly provide a luxurious shine and a satin finish; however, it will neither darken the wood nor make it glossy. It will penetrate deep into the wood and give it the original finish. 

Out of the different polishing methods, contact Beven’s Furniture Restoration Ltd if you’re looking for French polishing in Edinburgh. You will not be disappointed by the satisfactory French polishing services you receive from us.