Some of the people in Edinburgh are very fond of buying antique furniture. The antique furniture serves as a beautiful interior decor to the house. French Polishing Edinburgh helps you restore the items without hampering the look and heritage of the furniture.

Techniques used to restore the antique pieces

From the 18th century, the French-Polish technique achieved a beautiful wood finish. If you have yet to go to any French polisher, below are the points on how they help revive the antiques.

Common stains removal

There are water rings and small burn marks on many antique furniture like dining tables, side tables, and coffee tables. They do ruin the whole appearance. You can’t remove them by yourself.

The French polisher will remove the strains from the furniture using the French polish. It is the traditional way of using the thin layers of the polish. It will help to restore the glossy and shininess of the furniture.

Revolving scratches and scuffs

The furniture is vintage and antique, so there is a lot of general wear and tear. They will make the piece look tired and ragged. You need to understand the difference between the scuffs and scratches. The best way to do it is the French polishing services. When you have the patience to restore, french polishing is the process of removing imperfections in the pieces.

Fixation of dents and chips

Moving furniture from one house to another over time, or even simply moving furniture about a room to change the arrangement, can result in dents, chipping, and other damage. People frequently assume these issues might get fixed on antiques, although this isn’t always true. 

If you contact a French polisher with experience and an expert in antique furniture repair, they will fix the piece by creating new pieces from scratch. Following the repair of dents and chips, the piece will give a glossy finish using the French polishing Edinburgh technique. It will complete the design and restore it to like-new condition. 

When you are looking for an experienced French polisher in Edinburgh who will assist you with restoring a piece of antique furniture, please get in touch with us here at Bevens Furniture Restoration Limited. We are a team that performs French polishing techniques effectively. We always use the best polishes, waxes, wood fillers, and oil treatments. Your antiques are in the right hands, and you will trust us.