Good wooden furniture costs a lot, and hence replacing them when they lose their charm isn’t a wise decision. Whether you have picked up antique furniture like a table or chair or other hardwood furniture pieces like cupboards, you can restore their charm easily. French polishing is used widely to achieve a beautiful finish on wooden furniture. All you need to do is find an experienced company for French polishing in Edinburgh. Here’s what more you should know.

How Can French Polishing Restore Your Furniture?

  • Remove Stains

Water rings and small burn marks are commonly seen on antique furniture pieces, particularly on dining, coffee and side tables. Removing them can be impossible without expert help. An expert can remove even the slightest stains and then apply thin layers of French polish to give it a glossy appearance. 

  • Repair Scuffs and Scratches

Vintage and antique pieces must have suffered a lot of wear and tear. And it is quite obvious as they have been used for so many years. You can notice scratches and scuffs on them, which might be affecting their appearance. French Polish can repair such issues and bring the shine back.

  • Fix Dents and Ships

Causing dents, chips and other damages are common while moving furniture from one place to another. But people generally believe that these damages are irreparable, but this isn’t so. An expert can reconstruct parts from scratch to fix the furniture. After the fixing process completes, French polishing will be used for that shiny texture. It will enhance the furniture look and make it as good as new one. 

  • Restores the Colour

Colour fading is normal in vintage pieces, and this can make them appear dull. A French polisher can help you in restoring their original colour 

French polish comes in different hues and shades, so you can decide whether you want bleached shellac, i.e. white polish or Garnet shellac, i.e. rich brown polish. You can talk to the service provider about the available options. 

  • Minimising Future Wear and Tear

The French polishing process improves the resistance of furniture against scratches, cracks and other damages. This technique also makes your furniture’s surface easy to maintain. So, it also saves time.

Meet the Experts

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