Many individuals face difficulties while choosing the perfect finish for furniture restoration. There are many finishing options nowadays, but you should pick the one aligned with your requirements. The correct finish will enhance the look and feel of your furniture. It also contributes to the functionality and durability irrespective of the wood type.

According to the experts of furniture restoration in Edinburgh, the best finish depends on the wood you use. Every finish has its benefits, and it’s crucial on your part to know these advantages before arriving at a decision.

Which Factors Should You Consider While Choosing the Perfect Finish?

You must do the necessary groundwork before selecting a finish for your furniture restoration. Below are some aspects you need to consider in this regard:

  1. Know the options: Getting accustomed to the various finishes is essential. The famous wood finishes come in water-based finishes, oil-based finishes, varnishes, shellacs, and lacquers. Every type has unique characteristics. Hence, before selecting a type, understand your requirements. Assess whether the finishing type matches your requirements.
  2. Focus on the wood type: Another significant factor you should note while choosing the finishing style. Some individuals prefer a clear finish, while others with out-of-the-box preferences prefer a tinted finish. Also, determine whether you require the preferred level of sheen. Apart from the aesthetics, you also need to consider the wood type. Some finishes perform better on particular wood types than others.
  3. Determine the durability and maintenance procedures: When selecting the perfect finish, you should also focus on the maintenance requirements and durability. It is particularly applicable for furniture that will be heavily used. You can go with finishes resistant to heat and moisture for durable finishes. Get in touch with the furniture restoration professionals in Edinburgh to learn more about durable finishes.
  4. Budget: Set a budget before choosing a finishing style for your wooden furniture restoration. Certain products are expensive that you may be unable to afford within a stringent budget. In such instances, you can choose less costly items. At the same time, you can’t compromise on quality standards. Make sure you strike the right balance between the two.

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