French polishing solutions offered in Edinburgh

For top-class French polishing solutions, contact me at Beven’s Furniture Restoration Ltd. I serve customers across Edinburgh and East Lothian.

Experienced furniture restoration and polishing services

Beven’s Furniture Restoration Ltd has 40 years of experience in the field of furniture restoration and French polishing. I have established a reputation for providing high-quality lacquered finishes and traditional furniture polishing services for both antiques and modern furniture. I can ensure that you will not be disappointed with my professional service. I have built my business on the basis of trust and can offer top-quality furniture restoration and French polishing services to customers across Edinburgh and East Lothian. I can restore both modern and antique furniture and offer traditional lacquered finishes for handrails, pianos and staircases. For helpful advice and a free quote, give me a call today.

My range of services includes:

  • French polishing
  • Bleaching and liming services
  • Lacquer finishing for furniture
  • Excellent colour matching services
  • Cleaning and waxing
  • Reviving and desk leather restorations
  • Staircase, banister and handrail polishing
  • Wooden furniture restoration
  • What is French polishing?

    French polishing is a process, not a material. The material is shellac which is a resin secreted by the female lac beetle to form a cocoon in trees in India and Thailand. The shellac is dried into flakes, and then diluted into alcohol to make liquid shellac. The wood finishing technique of French polishing results in a high gloss surface achieved by applying many layers using a rubber pad. Although French polishing is sensitive to damage and modern lacquers are more durable, it is easier to patch repair French polished surfaces and blend them into the existing finish.

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